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Our blog includes interesting little pieces about Soho, New York and its neighboring villages. It’ll include snippets on different architects & designers favorite building designs in the area, their favorite boîtes & restaurants, shops and maybe we’ll reveal the ultimate downtown pub crawl as well as updates on Soho Forest happenings and interesting info our partner’s cities around the world.

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Getting water to New Yorkers is a family business August 9, 2017

New York is many things: dynamic and dense, artistic and competitive, vivacious and sometimes, particularly in summer, a bit smelly. The list of traits goes on and on, but the word “quaint” isn’t on it. And yet one of the city’s most familiar signposts is a charming, rustic throwback: the wooden water tank. For over a century, the basic design of these tanks, which are essentially giant wooden barrels, has gone largely unchanged. So as… Read more

Pat O’Brien

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Does anyone remember the name of the amazing exotic plant shop that was located on Spring Street in Soho between West Broadway & Wooster?

August 6, 2017

You walked in and it was like entering a jungle, with what I would assume were rare palm tree’s, very large cactus of every shape… Read more

Pat O’Brien

Alaia Boutique on Mercer

August 3, 2017

A Vanity Fare magazine article entitled All Eyes on Alaïa by AMY FINE COLLINS in AUGUST 23, 2012 wrote about the great designer Azzedine Alaia.… Read more

Pat O’Brien

il Tre Merli on West Broadway

August 2, 2017

At this stage my memories of Soho encompass six decades. Each decade has its more poignant memories. The early 90’s however, signals the start of… Read more

Pat O’Brien

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The inspiration behind our brand image

July 1, 2017

Our brand image was inspired by the iconic cast-iron buildings that shape the distinct villages of lower Manhattan. The mind immediately wanders in their windows… Read more

Pat O’Brien